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What's New?
Interleaved Error Reporting
Displays any errors at the exact location they occur in your data. The new Interleaved Report feature shows the validation test results combined together with the test data.

Standard Guidelines Updated
For your reference and testing, X12 version 4060 and EDIFACT version D02A are now available on Even more standards are available with Edifecs SpecBuilder for your desktop.

Please contact Sales for more information about SpecBuilder.

What is is an industry resource site that is powered by the Edifecs' CommerceDesk Community Enablement Portal Solution.

  • Resources Library: Click on the RESOURCES tab to view associations listing, standards organizations, technical articles and other education resources.
  • Testing:  You can test your data files against standards such as X12, UN/EDIFACT and more.
  • Standards Repository: Users can view thousands of standard transaction sets, implementation guidelines and MIGs for various standards and enterprises.
What is the CommerceDesk Solution?

CommerceDesk provides a portal solution to simplify and automate all the costly and time-consuming steps in the trading-partner enablement process. CommerceDesk helps companies rapidly ramp-up thousands of trading partners into any type of B2B trading community, including trading networks or exchanges, while providing a platform from which to manage the growth of those communities.
See also CommerceDesk Overview.
Edifecs Support
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Available Standards
And many more

Free Tool for Download!
Create and edit any X12, EDIFACT or HIPAA data file using this powerful Data Editor tool! Features include automatic structure interpretation, copy/paste, search/replace, print and change delimiters functions.
Click here for more information.
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